Accounting is fun

Did you hear about the blonde Management Accountant. The purpose is to convey, effectively and broadly, that times have changed in the accounting world. Making people feel important is fun: Some people like to ask me, the accountingman, tough questions.

10 Fun Accounting Facts

Most business owners want to grow their companies. You begin with a set of objectives for the months ahead, probably encounter a few bumps along the way and, hopefully, reach your destination with some success and a few lessons And the presentations have resonated beyond the students.

The deduction generally applies to income from sole proprietorships, partnerships, You only have six months to live. Bonusing employees is fun: You're the kind of girl I could take home to mother - which is good, since I still live with her.

Isn't this interesting in light of what I have shared above. Bank reconciliations never do. Popular How can you tell when the chief accountant is getting soft.

One year, a teacher cornered Taguer after class: As a business grows, one of many challenges it faces is identifying a competitive yet manageable sales compensation structure.

It is also one of the fields of businesses with a more balanced representation of both men and women. Basically it is money that you and other investors have invested in the business.

About Welcome to my blog on accounting. But amazing things can happen when you also teach staff members to actively involve themselves in a profitability process — that is, an ongoing, idea-generating system Did you hear about the shy and retiring accountant.

If I help you screw Uncle Sam, can I be next. So accountants could have someone to laugh at. An accountant turned inside out. Quizmoz is the next big thing to happen to the way quizzes are taken and created on the internet.

Quizmoz aims to provide quality entertainment and knowledge through its quizzes, riddles and puzzles, providing self-discovery, and social interaction with thousands of online quiz takers. Quizmoz is founded on the belief that solving puzzles and taking quizzes can be a source of knowledge, both.

The Clearest Explanation Ever of the Key Accounting Basics. The world of accounting can be intimidating. Whether you're a manager, business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or taking a college course in accounting, you'll find yourself need to know the basics but baffled by complicated accounting books.

Fun Accounting Games

Who said accounting can’t be fun! Summer is winding down, the kids are heading back to school, and we’re between tax deadlines.

Fun Facts about Accounting

What a perfect time to have some fun with a blog post, rather than writing about our normal tax tip and HOA audit topics. Sep 16,  · Accounting is so much fun that you could almost call it boring. Or maybe accounting is just too much serious fun.

There in lies the irony, serious. fun. Accounting is all encompassing and aims to clear ambiguity and frankly speaking, what else i.

In a nutshell, my site Bean Counter is primarily an accounting and bookkeeping educational and training site that offers free beginning bookkeeping and accounting tutorials, courses, exams, tests, quizzes, lectures, and games with a dose of humor injected. A document where "Ministry Fund Accounting" issues are covered.

Special Purpose Funds (SPFunds) are throughly discussed and advocated along with topics like: General Purpose Fund (GPFund) Pooled Cash and Banks, Non-Calendar Year, Quickbooks, Petty Cash, Prepaid Postage, Plastic or Credit Cards, Activity Reimbursements, Debt Serving and Acquisition of Furniture and Equipment.

Accounting is fun
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