Assignment 4 nike case study

Besides that, Nike must increase their awareness of corporate social responsibility to strengthen their image of themselves. The place P of the marketing mix refers to distribution of the product- the ways of getting the product to the market.

Sites were located on government-owned property where this was available for example, on military bases. Although these traveled at very high speeds, their higher altitude trajectories made detection simpler, and the longer flight times provided more time to prepare.

Nike was the first company to join. Steering commands were computed and sent from the ground to the missile during its flight, via the Missile Tracking Radar. The potential threat posed by such aircraft became much more serious when, inthe Russians exploded their first atomic bomb. From the start, Nike executives had argued in vain that they were the target of an uninformed media campaign, pointing out that although Nike was being vigorously monitored by activists and the media, no one was monitoring the monitors.

The first test of the Zeus B took place in May This mainly provoked for the discussion of the topic in the class and students are motivated to discuss with all relevant points. There are a number of branding strategies: All managers and supervisors were required to learn the native language of their workers, and received training in cultural differences and acceptable management styles.

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These projects had been led by Bell Labsworking with Douglas. Price is a very important part of the marketing mix as it can effect both the supply and demand for Coca Cola.

Besides that, the global economic recession influence the overall business operation in the outsourcing countries. Defense dollars were needed for other projects including the development of American ICBMs and potential missile defenses and to fund the rapidly growing war in Vietnam.

Implementing Implementation is the process of turning plans into actions, and involves all the activities that put the marketing plan to work. Once the consumers develop the product intimacy, they come to associate their person with the products and will pay whatever price quoted on the products.

A Marketing Case Study on Nike

Over the time Coca Cola has spent millions of dollars developing and promoting their brand name, resulting in world wide recognition. These four frameworks of organizational control have their own relevance in the organization to control various functions and activities.


Unbeknownst to residents at the time, those missiles were fitted with nuclear warheads, some more than twice as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Practical limitations eliminated this possibility, as it required the ABM to be launched at about the same time as the ICBM in order to meet in the middle, and they could not imagine a way to arrange this.

The main advantage over conventional anti-aircraft artillery was that the Nike missile could be continuously guided to intercept an aircraft, in spite of any evasive actions taken by its pilot.

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Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font size 12with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. The leaders of the company focus on developing the culture controls and the bureaucratic controls creating the social norms, sense of shared values, performance enhancements, punishments, rewards and appraisals within the organization Burke Inthese regulations were composed into a Code of Conduct and Memorandum of Understanding and attached to the new contracts sent to Nike contractors.

Fearing that their manned aircraft would be too vulnerable to attack by supersonic American interceptor aircraft armed with rockets and missiles, the Russians decided to focus their attention on developing ICBMs -- Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles -- against which there existed no effective defense.

ReComparison, Although it is competing with Nike in China, it should focus on ranking its investment solely on markets which offer superior channels to long-term growth and profit prospects and should also focus on expanding its share to unreached areas especially in China, Russia, Africa and the United States.

This would mean that the Soviets would have to launch at least one interceptor for each US warhead, while the US could launch multiple warheads without building a single new missile.

Nike has become the leader in the e-commerce by being the first to the market with its e-commerce website. Specific — Be precise about what you are going to achieve Measurable — Quantify you objectives Achievable — Are you attempting too much.

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The world constantly changes and disparities, however, some top brands seem to keep their leadership position in their industry to this day. Assignment 4 Nike Case Study Essay  Nike Case Study Shiffaun L.

Alston Jack Welch Management Institute Professor R. Chua JWMI Sunday, December 7, Executive Summary Nike’s business model was based in outsourcing its manufacturing, then using the money it saved on aggressive marketing campaigns.

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Nike Zeus was an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system developed by the US Army during the late s and early s that was designed to destroy incoming Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile warheads before they could hit their targets. It was designed by Bell Labs' Nike team, and was initially based on the earlier Nike Hercules anti-aircraft missile.

Assignment 4 nike case study
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